Sunday, 7 September 2014

A New Season

September to December is truly, honestly, my favourite time of year. All of my loved ones birthdays are in these months, and of course Christmas is on the way. I have no shame - I love the Christmas season more than anything. I copied the below prompts from A Rosie Outlook's blog as it's such a great way to put in writing all the thoughts and feelings I have at the moment.
Making :: a cake for the first time in a year for my Mum's 50th!
Cooking :: lots of vegetarian meals. I thought I'd try the green plan at Slimming World, and within one week I lost 3lbs and felt a lot less bloated.
Drinking :: more water, and less Diet Coke. And some wine...
Reading :: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, although I'm struggling to keep myself interested in it at the moment as I rarely give myself time to read.
Wanting :: to get my 1 and a half stone award soon! #stopeatingcake
Looking :: forward to Autumn really kicking in.
Playing :: The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. I am hopelessly addicted to both.
Deciding :: whether to get The Sims 4 or not... I am a massive Sims lover, but I am also 23 O:)
Wishing ::  that we didn't need to save so much to buy a house. It feels so far away.
Enjoying :: Sunday's at home by myself whilst Ash spends the day fishing. Mini pamper days every weekend!
Waiting :: for our holiday to Zante in a couple of weeks.
Liking :: Barry M's new Autumn nail polish colours. I bought Chilli and Chai.
Wondering :: how life passes so quickly? It only feels like a few weeks ago since we were celebrating New Years Eve, and now I'm on the countdown to Christmas again.
Loving :: binge watching TV series with Ash. We're currently re-watching This Is England 86 & 88.
Pondering :: which dresses to sell on eBay... I have some which I absolutely love, but haven't worn for over a year.
Considering :: cutting my hair short, but I'm scared.
Watching :: the final season of True Blood! This season has been so good, I don't want it to end!
Hoping :: for a dry day on Friday, as we are holding a party in a marquee for 700 people at work...eek
Marvelling :: at my niece, who has her first day of school tomorrow. She is the sweetest little girl and I feel so proud of her.
Needing :: to find a way to stop my left hip from getting so tight when I'm exercising.
Smelling :: Marc Jacobs - Honey, but looking for a new Autumn/Winter scent as Honey is so summery.
Wearing :: my new Star Wars PJs from Primark and Hard Rock hoody from San Francisco. Lazy nights at home are the best!
Following :: @natgeo on Instagram!
Noticing :: tiny cobwebs covered in dew in the mornings
Knowing :: that life is very short, and it's important to help people every day.
Thinking :: about my career future, and wondering if I need to change direct.
Feeling :: tired, but so happy.
Admiring :: my Mum, as always.
Sorting :: our San Francisco and Las Vegas photographs into order for our scrap book.
Buying :: a few 'transitional' clothes. I finally bought a kimono from New Look and the black and white check Dorothy Perkins trousers that Carrie rocked recently.
Getting :: excited for sunshine and cocktails in Greece.
Bookmarking :: Vegetarian recipes and cross stitch patterns.
Disliking :: Katie Hopkins and everything she thinks she stands for.
Opening :: lots of parcels because I buy too much online!
Giggling :: over Instagram videos of parrots and cockatoos before bed with Ash.
Snacking :: on sugar free jelly and frozen red grapes.
Coveting :: an iPod! I haven't owned one since I bought my first iPhone years and years ago, but I really want a cute yellow Nano for my new car.
Helping :: 
Hearing :: The Gaslight Anthem's new album, Get Hurt.


  1. I've been trying hard to decide on which dresses to let go of from my wardrobes - my clothes collection seems to be getting out of control.
    I also made a cake for my mum's birthday yday as well. :)

  2. I love these kinds of posts, the prompts are pretty cool!
    I'm really stuck in career thinking at the moment, more just thinking about my job and whether I want to stick it out until I get the qualification at the end, or stop now.

  3. I'm a fall girl too- there is something about big cups of hot coco, chunky sweaters and leaves crunching under your feet.

    PS How did the cake turn out?