Sunday, 5 October 2014

A week in Zante

When we returned from America in April, I was pretty down. We'd been looking forward to it for over a year, and the fact that it had been and gone made me sad. I needed something to look forward to to get me through the Summer. I started browsing travel agent's websites, and after a couple of days, decided to book a week at the Eleon Grand Resort and Spa in Tragaki, on the island of Zante. Neither of us had been to Greece or any of it's islands before so we were excited to travel somewhere new.

On 23rd September, we made our way to Bristol Airport, ready for a whole week of relaxing - the opposite of our US trip. The flight felt short compared to our last few. I downloaded movies onto my iPad before we left, so we ordered a couple of beers and watched Bad Neighbours on the way over. It was around 7pm when we landed, and 9pm by the time we got to our hotel, and pitch black. We were shown to our room, and although we couldn't see the view properly, we could hear the sea.  The next morning, this is what we woke up to...
It was pretty breathtaking!

Our week was everything I wanted it to be. We spent a lot of time by the pool in the sun. A lot. I read three books! We ate 3 course meals 3 times a day, drank Greek larger like it was going out of fashion, and got some epic tan lines. There wasn't a lot to do in the evenings, so we watched more movies and played games on the iPad. My skin went a tiny, little bit browner than normal. I felt de-stressed. Here's a photo dump!
Ash chilling in the shade after getting burnt on day 1
Our room was the middle one at the top
Where we spent our days, by the bubble pool
On our balcony
Greek paradise
The beach at our hotel
Our evenings looked a lot like this
Greek pizza - olives, capers, peppers and oregano
The craziest adventure golf, complete with frozen daiquiris

Although we had a really nice, relaxed time, neither of us would go back to the hotel. First Choice claim it's a 4* Plus Premier resort, and the hotel itself classes itself as 5*. It definitely wasn't that, and I'm not a snobby person! We were lucky enough to spend an amazing week in Egypt a few years ago at a beautiful 5* hotel, and so I guess we compare everything to that. But we also stayed at a 3* hotel in Ibiza in 2012, and I'd say this hotel is more on par with that. 
After landing home in Bristol, Mum asked when the next holiday was. And the truth - we don't know. In the five years that Ash and I have been together, we've been really lucky to visit amazing places. But travelling costs money, and now it's time to save for a house!

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  1. Looks like the perfect place to unwind - the blue of that sky! Just absolutely beautiful.

    Em | Hmm maybe...