Sunday, 2 November 2014

Our Halloween

Ash and I are not huge fans of dressing up, so when we decide to do it, we go all in! We had two parties on Friday night and knew we wanted to dress as a pair, and eventually settled on zombie cheerleader for me and zombie American footballer for Ash. Both of our costumes were won on eBay auctions at the beginning of the month for a fraction of the price we would have paid if we bought them new. My costume consisted of a dress (with exposed rib!) and pom poms. Ash's was a top, trousers (with exposed thigh bone!) and a foam helmet... but unfortunately the helmet absolutely stank and was massive on his head so that stayed at home. I bought some long black socks with red striped tops from ASOS (£2.50, bargain!) and wore my black Vans to finish the costume.
On Friday morning before work, I made some liquid latex wounds on flat lunchbox lids from following a few different Youtube tutorials. So when I got home in the evening, they were ready to go! I don't think they would have dried fast enough for us to make whilst getting ready. I used red lipstick to enhance the bones on our shoulders, neck, and faces, and then blended it with a few different shades of black and brown matte eyeshadow, adding touches of green and purple to give it some bruising.
 Then I applied the wounds using a thin layer of liquid latex and a hairdryer to help them dry, then brushed them with purple and brown eyeshadow, before applying fake blood with a make up brush.

When we arrived at the first party, the reaction was pretty good! I'm chuffed with how we looked in the end. Although, I felt more dead the morning after than I looked the night before...
What did you dress up as this year?

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  1. What great costumes...Well done on the bargain from eBay x