Monday, 24 November 2014

Winter Salads

I find trying to eat healthily in the Winter to be a lot more difficult than the Summer. I'd much prefer a home made stew, huge roast dinner, or takeaway pizza to warm up the cold evenings. However, my lunch box salad can definitely be jazzed up with a little winter love to keep your tummy satisfied in the chilly months. I've compiled a short list of recipes for salads which tickle my fancy. What do you think?
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How yummy does this warm roasted vegetable salad look? Maybe not great for a lunch box, but perfect for a Saturday lunch time at home. Recipe here.

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I dont think I've ever used cauliflower in a salad, so this is definitely intriguing! Recipe here.

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I am a huge lover of beetroot and feta, so this salad is pretty much ideal for me! Recipe here.

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Jamie Oliver's 'Favourite Winter Salad' looks like it could become a favourite of mine too! Halloumi and pomegranate... yum! Recipe here.

What salads do you like to make in the winter?

This post is in collaboration with Florette Salad.


  1. Warm quinoa salads are pretty tasty in winter, my husband and I make them weekly!

    Lauren / And Together We

  2. Great choices, they look and sound so tasty! I love making quick and simple salads that are heavy on cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, and corn :)