Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thank You, 2014





What. A. Year. From San Francisco to Manchester, Las Vegas to Merthyr Tydfil, and so many places in between, this year has been one I will never forget. We really used 2014 as an excuse to throw caution to the wind and travel. Within days of landing home from America, we'd booked a week in Greece. I took Ash away for a night in Manchester for his birthday on a spur of the moment booking. We travelled over the bridge to Wales for tiny music festival and ended up meeting one of our favourite bands. We've been to new restaurants, loads of gigs, watched great films and not so great films, we've seen the death and rebirth of our favourite pub, and we've done it all together.

2015 will be different; more disciplined, focused on saving money for a mortgage, rather than a holiday. Although, perhaps a little trip to Disneyland Paris will be on the cards. Who knows?

2014 has been pretty kind to me, so here's hoping next year will be too.

Happy New Year x

Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas (Lately I've Been)

These last few weeks have felt like a bit of a whirlwind - we have been constantly busy! So when I finished work on the 23rd for two whole weeks, I felt a huge sense of relief. Although, the week since then has been just as busy! Here's a little flavour of what my Christmas looked liked.

Elf PJs - Kitty cat coming in from the cold
Jam jar cocktails - Christmas tree mousse
Crown & Glory holly hair slide - more cocktails
Little Phe

 Remembering those who are no longer here - spending time with little one
Christmas nails - Christmas hair
Giants PJs - Dr Marten Chelsea Boots
Some of my favourite gifts
Boxing Day dog walk
More cocktails... - Homemade pheasant curry

Our fifth Christmas x