Monday, 26 January 2015

Lately I've Been

Drinking a LOT of tea and coffee in my new Cath Kidston mug, bought on New Years Eve to aid me through my Dryathalon.
Thinking about cutting my hair...
Pampering. Jade bought me this for Christmas and it's working miracles.
Wondering why we don't do this more often... a couple of Sunday's ago, we got Ruby in the car and drove to the woods. We walked for a couple of hours, aimlessly, and then drove home for lunch. It was lovely, and Ruby was so well behaved. It made us want our own pup even more.
Wearing my new black on black Vans and regretting not getting some sooner.
Struggling to get back into a work routine. These dark mornings are killer, and unintentionally working late most nights is taking it's toll. 
Listening to a lot of old Fall Out Boy songs, and remembering my teenage years.
Finishing our scrapbook, FINALLY.
Taking selfies in an AA recovery van. Owen's car broke down on the way to Cardiff... we had quite an adventure and arrived 6 hours after leaving home (it should only have taken 2 hours on a bad day)
Seeing Slipknot... bet you weren't expecting that one! I used to listen to them a lot when I was younger, so when they put tickets out for a Cardiff show, a group of us decided we'd go. And I have no shame in saying that they were one of the best bands I've seen live, in my 10 years of gigging and I've seen a lot.

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