Sunday, 8 February 2015

Gert LUSH - finding my new favourite product

I'm a bit of a Lush-aphobe. My skin is incredibly sensitive and I've suffered with severe eczema all of my life. As much as I'd love to splash around in a fizzy, sweet smelling bath, unfortunately it's not something I can enjoy too often. Lush Bath invited me in store to preview the Spring and Mother's Day range, but I went with an ulterior motive - to discover what Lush can do for sensitive skin. The store has recently moved across the high street into a bigger unit, which will include their very own Lush Spa, due to open in the Summer.

Being me, I turned up late. I sort of misunderstood the invite and thought it was a drop in evening. So I tailed around the store catching bits of other peoples conversations, and sniffing all of the new products. Yummy Mummy shower gel was my favourite! I did have a bit of a chronic nose wipe thing going on though, paranoid that I might have some glitter evidence on the end of my snout... The Ultraviolet bubble bar smelt incredible too, just like parma violets.

I watched some of the girls make up their own Sunnyside bubble bar mixture, and then we each had a turn at moulding our own bars. I tried to make a moon, but it really just looked like a boomerang.
Towards the end, I managed to catch one of the sales assistants, who very kindly demonstrated Dreamwash and Dreamcream.
Dreamwash is a shower smoothie, with aloe vera, rose, calamine, and tea tree extracts. Dreamcream is a hand cream and body lotion, made from oat milk. I was pretty pessimistic about them, simply because even E45 makes my hands sting sometimes. I was taught the different between the normal cream and the self-preserving (which has added parabens to make it last longer). I was so impressed, that I popped a full size Dreamcream in my basket to bring home.

I have been using it every day since I got it, and honestly - it's awesome. It's incredibly moisturising, not greasy, smells lovely and most importantly, doesn't flare up my skin.

Thank you Lush Bath for inviting me, and helping me discover my new favourite skin product!

PS. How kind of them to use me as inspiration for this gift box ;) 

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  1. I love dream cream! I just finished up my first jar and I've been dying to repurchase it!