Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easy Syn Free Pancakes - a Slimming World recipe

I am still on the Slimming World Extra Easy plan, despite fluctuating a lot in 2014. I am talking losing lb's whilst on holiday (what?) just to put them all on again over the Summer, to lose them before Christmas, and then to gain 6lbs in 10 days - mostly because of eating jelly beans for every meal. Anyway, since January, I have been trying to regain my focus, and now a quarter of the way through the year, I feel ON IT.

Ash tends to get up early and go fishing once a weekend, leaving me a quiet morning to make breakfast at my own pace. One of my favourites are these syn free pancakes, topped with loads of fruit. Here's the recipe.

1. Separate 3 eggs - yolks in one bowl, whites in the other.
2. Depending on your sweet tooth, mix sweetener into each bowl. I use 3 tsp in the whites and 1 in the yolks.
3. Whisk the whites and sweetener until thicker and slightly fluffy, then fold in the yolks.
4. Spray a pan with Fry Light and set it to a medium/high heat.
5. When the pan is hot, spoon some of the mixture into the centre and allow it to cook through for a couple of minutes. (This is a good time to add blueberries if they take your fancy)
6. FLIP IT! And allow to cook through on the other side.
7. Take your cake out of pan and repeat. Normally the bottom of the stack is a bit cold before I get to it, so when all the pancakes are done I put the plate in the microwave for 10 seconds to warm through, before serving with speedy fruit. Sometimes I drizzle 1tsp honey for 1 syn.

So easy to make and completely syn free. Let me know if you make them!
Rosie x

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The City by the Bay

A year ago today, we flew to California to begin the best adventure. We fell in love with San Francisco. We trailed the streets in the rain, cheered the baseball team, drank cocktails in numerous bars, sailed the Bay, discovered Alcatraz and found the best versions of ourselves. We were relaxed, happy, content... and nothing has felt the same since.

I can't wait until the day when I can step off a plane at SFO and be home.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Hobby : Cross Stitch

I think it's important to have hobbies. Something which you can immerse yourself in completely, practice and improve on, and help aid relaxation. As a child, I used to cross stitch with my Gran - she taught me everything I know - but I only picked it up again last year. I started with a couple of small pieces from Cross Stitcher magazine, and then went all out on this as a gift for my friends Jade and James who moved into their first home last year. Pattern from Etsy.
As soon as this was finished, I got the bug, and began work on a much harder pattern - Darth Vader. The reason it was hard was because there was so much block colour. I was forever miss counting and unpicking. I finished it just days before Christmas. But the finished result was a success and Jack loved it. Pattern from Etsy.
I gave myself a little break after Christmas and the rush of getting Vader finished, but just before Valentines day I wanted to work on something more personal. I googled 'cross stitch letters' and found this great generator website which allows you to print out a pattern in lots of different fonts. From that, I made a below, and added washi tape to the frame for a bit of extra personality.
I've really enjoyed getting back into a hobby, it's nice to have something to do at home in the evenings to help me unwind - although I haven't decided on my next pattern yet!

Have you ever tried cross stitching?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

20 Before 30

A few weeks ago, I turned 24. It's strange to think that I'm nearly half way through my twenties... This post on The Travel Hack got me thinking about some life ambitions - big and small - and although I haven't got as many, here's 20 things I'd love to achieve before I'm 30.

1. Cook and perfect 5 staple meals
I enjoy cooking from recipe books, but I'd love to think that I had a handful of recipes which were done my way.

2. Save £20,000
We are saving for a house deposit anyway, but to have personally saved that amount of money in 6 years would be a great achievement.

3. Run a 5K - Color Obstacle Rush completed 23/4/16
An evented one, not just a jog around the neighbourhood. I am 100% NOT a runner, but even I think I could manage this and I'd quite like to say I've done it.

4. See a show at the West End
Starting with dinner, cocktails in the theatre bar, the show and a night in a London hotel. 

5. Raise £3000 for charity
If I target myself at £500 a year, this'll be done easy peasy. It's only March and I've already raised £284 this year.

6. Get tattooed by Dan Smith
An artist I've admired for years - I really need to get to a convention when he's in the UK.

7. Visit Amsterdam - visited May 2016!
Hopefully a weekend trip is on the cards in the not so distant future.

8. Take a mixology course
Even if it's in a local bar... I love mixing cocktails already, but I'm sure there's lots of tricks of the trade I'm yet to learn.

9. Get to and maintain my goal weight
Definitely easier said than done, however I need to do it and I want to do it more than ever.

10. Get a dog - on Saturday 11th April 2015, Piper joined us!
To start our family!

11. Go back to the US - a week in Las Vegas booked for February 2017
The snippet of California we saw last year was enough to make us both yearn for a return trip.

12. Get laser eye surgery - I had my surgery on Friday 17th April 2015
I'm so fed up with contact lenses and glasses, and completely envy my friends without them. I've booked a consultation for surgery, so the ball is already rolling on this one.

13. Learn the entire dance routine to Thriller
No joke. I need this in my life.

14. Go to Disneyland Paris
I'd love to take my niece when she's a bit older.. and you know, I'd quite like to go myself ;)

15. Keep a handwritten diary for a year
I love using Timehop, but I think a handwritten version would be even better.

16. Do weekend camping at a festival - Boardmasters Festival, Newquay, August 2015
I swore myself off festival camping after 4 years of Reading, but it might be fun to do it just once more for old times sake.

17. Write a cocktail recipe book
Not a published one, just one for my own reference.

18. Be in a job I love
Perhaps the most ambitious of them all, but I'd like to come to work knowing that I enjoy what I do. This goal has a lot to do with my personal mindset, so I am working to change that.

19. Go to Alton Towers
A few years ago, I managed to transform Ash from scaredy cat into adrenaline junkie... sort of. We had 2 days at Alton Towers, full of sunshine and rollercoasters, and now we're ready to go back and ride The Smiler!

20. Buy a house
This is the dream, and something I hope to have ticked off within 3 years.

What do you think of my goals? And what's on your 'before 30' lists?