Sunday, 26 April 2015

Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express - The Recovery

You can read about my consultation here and the surgery here.

When I got home from surgery, I couldn't open my eyes. Not an exaggeration. I was so light-sensitive. My eyelids were heavy, my eyes were dry. I had a shooting pain in my left eye and a constant ache in my right. I was pretty scared - but I knew deep down it was 'normal.' I took more painkillers and tried to sleep. I think it was a good hour before I really dozed off.

After 4 hours, it was time to put in my first drops. I led on the bed, prised open my lids, and Ash dropped them in. Almost immediately, I could feel my eyes relax. In the bag with the eye drops were some goggles which were to be worn every time I slept. No one at Optical Express Bristol told me that, but I'm glad I found them. Just putting them on put me at ease. I climbed back in to bed and managed to open my eyes just enough to get Serial playing on my phone. I led there, listening to episode after episode on what seemed like the longest afternoon ever. Luckily, we have blackout blinds in our bedroom so I was able to be in complete darkness. After every episode, I'd try to open my eyes again. It was getting easier each time.

At around 8.30pm, I got out of bed. It was dark enough outside to not worry about the daylight straining my eyes. I walked downstairs and was amazed already at how much I could see. I had some food, a drink, watched 15 minutes of Gogglebox (essential), put in more eye drops and went back to bed for an early night. But not before snapping this photo to send to my Mum! I had no idea my eye lids would swell so much, but I had no bloodshot at all.
When I woke up on Saturday morning, I was a new version of myself. I stumbled into the bathroom with my goggles still on, afraid to open my eyes. I stood in front of the mirror, took off the goggles, and slowly looked. It felt like a miracle. My eyes were still very sore, but compared to Friday they were amazing. And I could see. I turned around and looked out the window down the garden. I saw the bird in the tree, the neighbours TV in the conservatory - everything was so clear and so crisp. I almost cried.

At 10.10am, I had my '1 Day' post-surgery appointment. Whilst Ash was driving me in to town, I was shocked at how just 24 hours before, when making the same journey, I wore glasses. It's astonishing. The check up was really quick, just to ensure I was healing properly and there were no infections. Part of the check up included a quick vision test. I could read the top line, middle line and some of the bottom line. My optometrist said "the top line is 20/20 vision, so the fact that you've even attempted the lower lines is amazing."   20/20 vision, just one day after surgery!

The following day I drove for the first time in my life without glasses or contact lenses. That in itself was a huge milestone.

As the week went on, my eyes felt less gritty, the pain went away and my eyesight got sharper. I continued to use my drops 4 times a day, and the moisturising ones more frequently as they did feel sore sometimes. I stopped sleeping with my goggles on after 5 nights as they kept moving around.

At my 1 week post-surgery appointment, it was confirmed that I had perfect eyesight and was recovering as expected. I already know that deciding to have laser eye surgery is the best thing I've ever done. It's changed my life, already. It's the little things; like rolling over in the morning and being able to see what the time is on the TV. Being able to fall asleep wherever I want without having to take lenses out first. Seeing my reflection in the mirror whilst parting my hair after having a shower.

I would definitely recommend Lasik iDesign surgery with Optical Express and am over the moon with the results I've achieved.

I decided to blog my experiences with Optical Express, because before my surgery I had read so many short reviews, but struggled to get a true understanding of the process. I hope my three posts have given you a lot of information about my experiences, but if you have any questions, please do leave a comment or tweet me @ohsorosie


  1. I really want to get laser surgery. I had a consultation but back out as I was scared. I need to get myself together as I hate wearing glasses and my contacts are becoming a chore!

    great post!

  2. Hello Rosie, thanks for sharing your exeperiences, I've just had a consultation today and like you were, have really been on the fence as despite all the good reviews there are also worrying ones (even a website of 'horror' stories). How are your eyes doing now? I'll be making my final decision in the next week or so!


  3. Hey! So glad I came across your posts on this! I have surgery booked with the same doctor in Bristol soon!! Glad it went well and that you can see much much better now! Yay :) xx

  4. These posts have been a godsend. I'm booked in with the same surgeon but in Southampton!thank you for writing about your experience.

  5. Thank you for your time to write this. I have booked my operation in Bristol with the same surgeon and I was going to go on my own, but I think now it would be best to go with some one to help me out. Now I can prepare for the machine stage now I know what's coming. Thanks