Monday, 25 May 2015

Exploring Edinburgh

Despite lugging my camera around for all three days, I didn't really take too make photos. We wandered the streets, stopping in pub after pub, ticking a few tourist things off our list and enjoying being in a new city. It was a perfect short break, and I am so happy to have Edinburgh ticked off my travel bucket list.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Just Burgers and Beers, Edinburgh

Before we headed up to bonnie Scotland for a few days, I googled 'best burgers in Edinburgh,' which led us to reserve a table at Just Burgers and Beers, on High Street, off The Royal Mile.
The feel of the place was similar to Grillstock, very industrial and a small-ish menu. The drinks list, however, was mammoth. As it was our first stop in Edinburgh, we both chose to try Scottish lagers. I opted for Innis & Gunn (and later realised that pretty much every pub has this on tap) and Ash went for Drygate Bearface lager from Glasgow. After a long morning of travelling and getting our bearings, both drinks went down pretty easily...
 Next up was the food... check out this menu! It took us a little while decide, but both of our choices turned out to be great ones.
Service was pretty fast (I guess because we were there at 12.30 on a Wednesday) and it wasn't long before we tucked into these bad boys...
My burger, above, was a Johnny Cash. Cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of sweetness from the caramelised onion, I can hand on heart say it's one of the best burgers I've had. Ever!
Ash chose The Dirty South, with pulled pork and hickory smoked BBQ sauce - he says it was amazing too.
We shared fries and coleslaw, and munched away to our hearts content. Not only were the burgers delicious, they lined our stomachs perfectly for the Grassmarket pub crawl which took up our first afternoon in the beautiful city!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lately I've Been

Chilling on the sofa in the mornings with Piper. She had her second jabs and microchip yesterday, so we will be able to take her out for walks next weekend!
Travelling to Wales to watch The Prodigy! The gig was exhausting but amazing. We stayed in Cardiff Central Trvelodge, right above Walkabout. That was... interesting.
Wondering if I should change my hair colour. I am fed up. I love being a redhead, but fancy a darker shade. I'm getting it cut at the weekend and will ask my hairdressers what she thinks... Also, I FINALLY found The Strokes tshirt in Primark!
Voting. Say no more.
Eating Five Guys for the first time. Ohmygod. I know this has been raved about for months and months, but my closest one is Bristol, and we rarely venture into the city. But after my 24 hour laser eye surgery check up, I treated us to the best burger I've ever had!
Loving Spring. Although, looking out of the window right now, I'd say it's not about any more. Rain rain go away...
Dreaming of America. I stumbled across some dollars whilst looking through a box in my room and it's made me yearn for the States again. I don't think this feeling will ever go. I've never felt so attached to somewhere before after just a couple weeks visit.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Why I Vote

Because I can.

Think of all the countries in the world who do not have a democratic voting system. The women who fought for us girls to have the chance to place an X in the box. The change we could make to our lives, if we all used our voice.

In the last election, the Tories won in my constituency by 5000 votes. But 16000 people didn't vote. Think of how different it could be if those 16000 made the effort to engage with the election. (Check yours here)

It's true that this year, not one party has won me over whole-heartedly. Perhaps it's silly to think they would. Every party has something I can agree with, and something I can't. But after reading up on manifestos, deciding which policies are important to me and my future as a young woman living in Britain, I have made my decision.

Tonight after work, I will march into my Polling Station, make my mark, and know that I have helped towards the reshaping of our country. Regardless of what the result may be in my constituency, I placed my vote. Something which I will never take my granted.