Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lately I've Been

Chilling on the sofa in the mornings with Piper. She had her second jabs and microchip yesterday, so we will be able to take her out for walks next weekend!
Travelling to Wales to watch The Prodigy! The gig was exhausting but amazing. We stayed in Cardiff Central Trvelodge, right above Walkabout. That was... interesting.
Wondering if I should change my hair colour. I am fed up. I love being a redhead, but fancy a darker shade. I'm getting it cut at the weekend and will ask my hairdressers what she thinks... Also, I FINALLY found The Strokes tshirt in Primark!
Voting. Say no more.
Eating Five Guys for the first time. Ohmygod. I know this has been raved about for months and months, but my closest one is Bristol, and we rarely venture into the city. But after my 24 hour laser eye surgery check up, I treated us to the best burger I've ever had!
Loving Spring. Although, looking out of the window right now, I'd say it's not about any more. Rain rain go away...
Dreaming of America. I stumbled across some dollars whilst looking through a box in my room and it's made me yearn for the States again. I don't think this feeling will ever go. I've never felt so attached to somewhere before after just a couple weeks visit.

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  1. I tried Five Guys for the first time while we were in London for a few days last month - amazing! xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life