Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lately I've Been

Missing Meg. Our old girl had a stroke last week, and unfortunately we had to have her put down. She was almost 14, so was at a very good age, but it's still strange to see Ruby without her kennel mate. 
Hanging out with Princesses. Specifically this one, with tattoos. 
Loving Piper, and the joy a puppy brings. Although Dad has renamed her 'damage.' O:) 
Drinking gin! Specifically, Bath Gin, after Dad and I found ourselves at the Bath Gin Festival a few weekends ago. Total accident, I promise...We even bought posh tonic.
Stitching a new project! 
 Working what feels like every hour of the day. Most nights after finishing work, I spend a couple hours on wedding photos. Tired Rosie!
Visting my Grandparents, on their farm. I was so lucky to have a farm yard as my hide and seek ground growing up, and it's fun to see Amelia enjoying it too. 
Celebrating future plans with coffee and cake. Ash and I had a really positive meeting with the bank, so our homeowner plans no longer feel so far away!

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